Top ways to Improve SEO Rankings

There’s a very good reason why everybody strives ti get as much organic search traffic as possible. The reason is that this is best converting traffic that exists. If you choose the right keywords, you can enjoy a steady flow of people who already have a purchasing intention. They have an excellent potential to become you paying customers, as they already know they need your products or services. Besides, they’ve got to see your offer at best possible time, when they were actively seeking for a place to shop.

All these sound wonderful, but when millions of websites fight for the same keywords, the chances to be among the top three aren’t that great. This is why many business owners choose to hire SEO experts to help them improve their rankings. Professional agencies have access to more resources than everybody else. They have a wealth of experience, as well as the best software tools in the industry so that they can perform keyword research, keyword tracking and competitive Search Engine analysis much easier than the business owner himself. Taking also into consideration that most business owners are experts in their industry, chances are they may never get enough organic search traffic to make good profits and to grow their business the healthy way.

SEO is a very peculiar area of expertise. Since Google is the major search tool, with the biggest market share across all regions of the world, there’s no wonder everybody wants to know how to improve their rankings in this particular search engine. However, ranking well in Google isn’t that easy. All SEO experts are in the dark when it comes to guessing what the next algorithm update is going to bring them. Past algorithm updates have thrown many marketers out of business, as they brought some significant changes which affected millions of websites. Some of these websites weren’t doing anything wrong, but they were still penalized. Their webmasters have tried to contact Google, but very few of them had their penalties lifted. All others were just collateral casualties in the war against spam. Unfortunately, spammers have found other loopholes to take advantage of, while honest and hard working business owners have been forced to close their gates, some of them for good.

Under these circumstances, all SEO professionals have to stay tuned and to be ready to react to any news from Google. As for improving your rankings in 2016, there isn’t a step-by-step guide to help you in this matter. Inbound links are still one of the main ranking factors, so the more you can acquire, the merrier. The thing that has changed is the assessment of these links. While a few years ago buying links could have brought you a rapid improvement of your rankings, in 2016 you can’t buy links without risking to lose your websites. This is why you need a much smarter approach if you want to be successful. Guest posting still works, so you should reach out to as many bloggers and authority websites as possible. Make sure you target only sites that are in the same niche as you or in related ones. Besides, it appears the language also matters. The links from websites written in the same language as yours are better than the ones in other languages. Moreover, low-quality links might even be daunting, so you should avoid them at all costs. Luckily, the latest Penguin update allows webmasters to get rid of their low-quality links, and see the results at the next Google crawl. This is something good, as it shows Google has understood how bad the former situation was for the webmasters who were unfairly penalized, with no possibility to recover.

The other thing you can do to improve your Google rankings in 2016 is to publish only high-quality content, to make your website sticky. The more time your readers spend on your site and the smaller your bounce rate, the better. Google uses such signals as part of their ranking algorithm, so all these details are critical.   Last but not least, you need to make sure your web pages load very fast. The loading time is another ranking factor. Besides, statistics show users are willing to wait for about two seconds for a page to load. If it takes more than this, most of them are going to click the Back button of their browser. This would worsen your bounce rate and the time spent on site.

In conclusion, if you want to rank high in Google, you have acquire high quality links, to optimize the loading time of your pages, to use a responsive web design approach and to publish amazingly useful content people are going to want to link to and share on their social media profiles and pages.

Sleek Identity Web Site New Look

New beginning for Sleek Identity just started. You probably noticed the new look and our happy expression on the website are changing. Nothing to be afraid of when we all now that new is always better. No more store, bending matt lamps, shower octopuses, and reviews. What I would like to talk about are ways to master media that surrounds us every day. A mix of web design marketing and search engine optimization that help people create businesses, better content, and online presence. Today the first post opens the door to new online marketing era of this blog. Stay tuned!