You have decided on a treatment with natural healing methods. Below are a few tips that are important for you.

According to naturopathy, every disease of any kind is a disturbance in the entire energy and metabolic balance of the body. We are not primarily aware of organ diseases such as heart, liver, kidney, nerve or joint diseases, but the whole human being is under an external poison load or due to the body’s own defensive or enzyme system malproduction. Organ diseases are therefore not the cause, but the result of the total poisoning of the body, which affects individual organs.

The aim of natural healing methods is not to make existing complaints “undetectable” for the patient (sweeping dirt under the carpet), but to rid the body of toxins and dysfunctions and to provide a real cure.

But it is not the scientific proof that matters to us, because there are many things that our science cannot prove today because our methods are inadequate. The only important thing is success and here natural remedies have proven themselves for thousands of years without having to be constantly changed, as is often the case with modern therapies.

In our practice the following naturopathic treatments are applied and prescribed:

Homeopathy, phytotherapy, osteopathy, monolux therapy, NPSO (Neue Punktuelle Schmerz und Organ Therapie nach Rudolf Siener), acupuncture, neural therapy, electro- and physiotherapy, chiropractic, Baunscheidtverfahren, cupping, ozone therapy, autologous blood and urine treatment, regeneration cures with cell preparations and according to Prof. Aslan.

Every single naturopathy can cure diabetes that has strengths and weaknesses. None is alone a “panacea” and not every person reacts equally well to every therapy. It is important to determine and apply the procedures that are individually suitable for the patient. It is not infrequently necessary to change the therapy methods in the course of a treatment in order to achieve maximum success.

What must the patient contribute?

He must inform the treating physician in detail and truthfully about complaints, previous illnesses and lifestyle habits.
Prescribed drugs must be taken according to instructions, even if obvious complaints no longer exist. Temporary freedom from symptoms is not the same as health. As with an iceberg, only the tip of an illness is visible in the complaints; the majority of them take place unnoticed inside the body. A disease can only disappear once its causes have been eliminated.

Toxic pollution interferes with any natural healing process and delays the healing process if it is not prevented at all. Tobacco, alcohol, coffee beans, black tea, sugar, white flour products, sweets, fatty foods, pork (also pork sausage), offal such as liver or kidneys, smoky bars and lounges, turbulent events and stressful situations are to be avoided as far as possible and dietary instructions to be followed.

How long does a treatment with natural healing methods take?

This depends on the individual situation. If it is only a slight dysfunction, the damage is usually repaired quickly. Sometimes even long-term complaints can only be a functional irritation and disappear overnight with the right treatment. (These are the miracle cures from the magazines).

In 90 out of 100 cases, however, longer existing complaints are constitutional chronic ailments that have developed over many years. The more the patient was previously treated with strong chemical drugs (e.g. painkillers, sedatives, sleeping pills, cortisone, antibiotics, etc.), the more difficult it is to get the body’s natural reaction going again. In the case of such chronic diseases, one often has to expect many months, sometimes even years of changing therapies. The disease has to run backwards the same way its development took.

The patient must be aware of

Nature cannot be outwitted. No physician in the world can free a person from an illness, which in any case must be done by his own body through its own functions and defenses. A therapist can only help the patient’s body to get rid of its toxins and return to normal BIO-LOGIC function with suitable natural procedures according to the 6 points mentioned above. This may also include operations to eliminate the sources of disease.

Some organic damage caused over the years cannot be reversed due to tissue changes. If there is then also no more operative possibility, life-long therapeutic care is often required in order to maintain a condition that is as tolerable as possible.

It is often necessary to fundamentally change one’s own living, working and eating habits, because they are often the cause of an evil over many years. What one person gets, the other does not tolerate for a long time and let us be clear about it, our disease state is always a consequence of our previous habits.

What can prevent successful treatment?

If the patient does not follow diet or therapy instructions, he does not mock the treating person, but himself. Logically, such a cure cannot lead to success. The most beautiful fasting cure can do nothing if the patient eats secretly.