What’s a dog fence?

The dog fence is today also known as an invisible fence, animal fence or invisible animal fence.

With a dog fence, a cable is laid on the ground (even in the ground, at the fence) or wherever you want, so that the dog cannot enter a certain area. When the dog (with a receiver on the collar) approaches the cable, the receiver beeps. If he continues, he will receive a mild penalty, if he continues, he will receive a moderate penalty, and if he goes even closer to the cable, a severe penalty. The combination of dog fence and dog collar pays off, because so the four-legged friend learns quite fast to avoid this area.

Create a barrier for the dog

A dog fence is an efficient barrier for your dog! You alone can determine where your dog should be by using the cable (which you can make disappear in the ground) to define the area, e.g. in your garden. Together with the receiver for the dog fence, which you put on your dog, the dog is shown an invisible area in which he can move freely. At the same time he learns in which area this is forbidden.

This makes it easy for your dog to learn in which area he can move without having to set up an expensive and not so beautiful wire fence or the like.

What are the differences between the dog fences?

Meanwhile the market offers much more than a dog fence. Dog fences differ mainly in the bandwidth of the current pulse of the quality, max. cable length and in the handling.

Differences between the individual manufacturers:

Cable (PAC dog fence normal commercial cable no expensive special cable)

max. cable length (PAC fence Premium up to 1,5km)

Cable interruption warning tone (all PAC dog fences)

Power supply transmitter station (220V or with Premium dog fence also with commercially available 9V block battery. This automatically takes over the power supply in the event of a power failure. This is especially useful when camping or if the dog should avoid certain areas (children’s room, kitchen, compost heap, sofa, etc.).

Energy source receiver (each PAC dog fence has rechargeable and replaceable batteries in the receiver). These only need to be recharged every 2-3 months)

Watch your step! Some manufacturers use expensive special batteries, which you cannot buy in the trade.

Range adjustment of the pulse from the cable (PAC dog fence infinitely variable between 0.3 m to approx. 1.5 m)

Waterproofness of dog fence receiver (PAC, 100% waterproof receiver)

Strength of the impulse (PAC dog fence 3 different levels: the closer the dog gets to the cable, the stronger the impulse becomes)

Slight penalty if the dog remains in the beep area for more than 5 seconds (all PAC dog fences). With another dog fence, the dog may stop in the beep area until the battery is empty.

Delivery time (PAC, 24h shipping service)

Repair service (PAC, 24h for all PAC devices, even if they are 15 years old)

Service (PAC free telephone advice on 08009343546)

Handling (PAC very easy handling)

Accessories (for PAC dog fence Premium, complete for one dog)

Extension possibilities (PAC dog fence for any number of dogs possible)

Where can a dog fence be used?

Whenever the dog should not enter certain areas (beds, garden pond or swimming pool) or when he should not leave a certain area (property), the use of a dog tooth is recommended.

Where should a dog fence not be used?

for dogs under 6 months of age

if the property is too small

Is a dog fence dangerous for humans or animals?

No. The dog fence is not dangerous for humans or animals. Your dog is the only one who feels the impulse, because only this one carries the receiver. This is also harmless for the dog.

How does the receiver of the dog fence work?

The receiver of the dog fence works almost like a remote trainer. The only difference is that with the dog fence the impulse is automatically triggered by the receiver as soon as the dog gets too close to the dog fence cable. With a remote trainer, the impulse must be triggered manually by the dog owner.

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