Do some of your guitar students seem to be making almost no progress, no matter what you teach them? This frustrating scenario happens very often for all guitar teachers. If you don’t find a solution that would help students achieve the expected results, it will have a very negative effect on both students and the whole guitar teaching business. The guitar lessons sacramento uses advanced technique in teaching.

Even if you show your students a million different licks, solos or techniques, everything will be in vain if you don’t teach your students to practice the things you show them. Absolutely CRITICAL is that you learn how to do it if you want to succeed as a guitar teacher and give guitar students the results they pay you for.The truth is that most guitar learners do not have very good guitar skills and will never improve them during guitar lessons with most instructors. There are many reasons why this happens, but you can avoid this problem for your guitar students by teaching them one thing that most teachers don’t do: “how to practice playing the guitar”.

As soon as you are able to train your students to practice guitar effectively, you will enable them to play the guitar in the way they always wanted. In addition, you’ll create a brand in your local community and build a great reputation (helping you to quickly build your guitar teaching business).

Now, before revealing the most effective ways to teach your students how to play the guitar, it is important that you evaluate your own guitar teaching skills.

Three main reasons why so many guitar students don’t know how to practice

Reason 1: Some guitar instructors make an effort to show students how to practice the guitar, but this effort takes the form of a very short instruction (which the student quickly forgets about). Take, for example, the following example: By showing students how to play clear and articulated arpeggios, students often find it difficult to separate one note from another without ringing together. In many cases the guitar teacher advises the student not to allow the notes to ring at the same time as the students practice on their own during the breaks between lessons. They can even demonstrate how this is done several times before the end of the lesson. Unfortunately, this does not help the student to “stick” the guitar and the student makes the same mistakes throughout the next week of practice. When the next lesson comes, the problem still exists – but why? Why do many guitar students still make the same mistakes during exercises, even after toleration/show in another way? These are the reasons:

a) The student has already forgotten the root cause of the problem and continued to play unconsciously, making the same mistake over and over again.

b) Sometimes your guitar pupil will remember what is the cause of the problem, but will forget how to correct it.

c) Some students will “think” that they understood what you explained, but did not really understand. This causes them to spend the whole week on the wrong exercise.

All of this translates into the need to teach the student again how to practice what he learned on the guitar next week (when he should have made progress from the last week!). That’s why this approach to teaching guitar practice is a complete failure. 1:

The student does not have enough time to really absorb the process of effective guitar practice. 2.

During the lesson students may think that they know what to do to practice effectively, but when they return home and lift the guitar, they practice incorrectly or forget.

(3) You never check that your guitar students practice correctly because you have never observed how they practice. Watching your students “practice” is different from just listening to their playing. When you hear their game, you hear the “end result”, but in reality you don’t see the process they used to produce it.

Reason 2: The vast majority of guitar teachers use almost every moment of guitar lessons, teaching their students new information such as new scales, licks, techniques, etc. The reason is that the vast majority of guitar teachers use almost every moment of guitar lessons, teaching their students new information such as new scales, licks, techniques, etc. The reason why so much is happening is because most guitar teachers feel obliged to teach new materials so that their students don’t feel that they are “ripped off”. Because guitar teachers are so afraid of this, they overwhelm students with lots of new ideas, but they spend only a fraction of their time showing them how to practice what they are learning on the guitar.

Reason 3: In most cases guitar teachers give their students very general advice on practice, because this applies to “everything” on the guitar. On the other hand, guitar teachers experts show students many specific strategies of guitar practice based on students’ musical goals and the specific challenges they face while playing.