A tidy and clean household – no question: everyone feels comfortable in it!

Of course, the demands are different. After all, a lot also depends on whether there are several small children living in one household or whether the household consists of two working adults, for example. One cannot therefore generalise too much how often which activities should be carried out, since this depends on the respective circumstances and also goals.

Nevertheless, we would like to give you a few tips on how you can continuously work on tidiness and cleanliness within your four walls. Read more about cleaning services Singapore to know more.

Provide for a basic order

Nothing makes you intend to clean the floor or wipe away dust faster than disorder. If the floor is full of objects or laundry and shelves or cupboards have served as “uncontrolled” storage space for all kinds of stuff, then you can put the mop back in the cupboard first. The cleaning becomes unfortunately so a substantially more aufw?ndiger work and dissuades directly. So that your tasks are not always like a big mountain in front of you, it makes sense to maintain a certain basic order permanently.

If you do not have this order, it is best to start by thoroughly cleaning out room by room. When the cupboards and corners are full, it’s harder to tidy up and we hoard many things even though we don’t need them at all.

So go through the rooms and treat yourself to a thorough manure removal.
If that makes you scream inside now… don’t panic! Set yourself small goals and don’t try to do everything at once! For example, take 15-60 minutes a day (depending on your private schedule) and think about what you could do in time. So for example: 15 minutes to check cosmetics and the like in the bathroom to see if you still need them and throw away old things.

This is faster than you think – you just have to start

If you consistently walk through your rooms for such a long time, you will gradually create space and order. And – create fixed places for things! If everything has its own place, this not only makes it easier to find things, but also to clear them away!

You can learn to keep order!

Now it is important to keep this order. Yes – there are people who seem to have it in their blood somehow and there are chaotic people. But if you really want to change something, then you can work on yourself. And you can learn to become tidier.

The sticking point is that you have to make certain actions routine through constant repetition. At some point they go unnoticed by the hand!
You may soon discover the following routines:

Routine 1: ALWAYS think about it when you move from one room to another, whether you can take something with you and put it in its right place! After all, you are on the move once – so why go empty-handed? That sounds banal at first, but it’s the small changes, with a big effect! The same applies if you move from one floor to another – there is certainly something you can take with you.

Routine 2: Plan about 10 minutes more time each morning before you leave the house to clean up things you’ve left behind, start the dishwasher and do similar tasks BEFORE you leave! (And it’s best to take the garbage out with you!) Not only do we usually have more energy in the morning and get things done faster than in the evening, but it’s also great when you come home and there are no more things left in the kitchen or bathroom.

Routine 3: The kitchen is certainly one of the places where chaos breaks out most quickly. Get into the habit of putting away all the things you don’t need when you’re cooking! So don’t put the butter package next to the stove, but directly back in the fridge. The kitchen waste from cutting vegetables goes directly into the garbage and the chopping board into the dishwasher. You can wipe off the worktop – these are just a few steps that can be done parallel to cooking and prevent it from looking dramatic afterwards!

How does everything stay clean?

We don’t want to go into how you should carry out certain cleaning tasks (you’ll find some articles about this here in the blog), but how you can keep everything reasonably clean. Of course you can see that people “live”, but it would be desirable to keep the pollution within limits. Then it will be easier to get rid of them. It is therefore important that you stay on the ball! Here are a few rules that you could follow in the future. (also here applies that this can deviate individually).

If you really work consistently on the cleanliness, the effort for it is no longer so much and you can enjoy a beautiful home!